7 Ways To Identity A Real And Fake Native Doctor To Avoid Wasting Your Money And Time

While, like we all can see;... Fraud, scam, 419 etc. Has become the other of the day in this modern generation.
That nobody knows who is who any more both online and offline and this abormination act all over the world has putting many souls in deep pain and sorrow.
However; there are a big hope and solutions to the person readying this post today and it will be a blessings unto you to share this great information if you find it helpful. In other to enlighten some souls on how to move from darkness to light.

I am Doctor Michael Iyare 
And as an a well known spiritualist ( native doctor ) that I am. I have heard a lot from the released few darkness captive people who came to me for a total spiritual help about how most of you people has been scammed by the fraudsters. And I have come to cut you from been a victim to scammers in a spiritual aspects.

Already I knew most of you will say something like: what is a real native doctor doing online?.. etc 
While, am not here to argue with you over your ignorance thought because in life today, you and I knew that internet has become the easiest and reliable way to pass message across the global.
So therefore, don't let your past take domino over your present. There are still hope for the living.

Your enemies ( scammers ) are working hard day by day to take away your archived success and put you in early grave but I want you to disappoint them today by following this step's: 
(1.) Stop sending money to anybody who says he/she is a spiritualist or native doctor online without seen the person.
(2.) After talking with anybody who says he/she is a spiritualist online, tell the person to send you his contact address.
(3.) Don't send any money to anybody to buy spiritual material down while you're on the way going.
(4.) Don't respond to anybody who may call you  and say that his daddy who is a spiritualist mistakenly send you recharge card that you should forward it back to them. They want to get you close and give you fake prophecy.
(5.) Don't ever mind anybody who says you should send money and your information in other to register you as they member in they occult. Real occult has no register, devil knows all his members.
(6.) Any spiritualist that ask to sleep with you before you archive what you seeking for, is an original fake spiritualist.
(7.) Stop believing those edited spiritual videos that you watched on YouTube for none of them who edited them, knows nothing about spirituality. etc

It's not all about getting the spiritual things only, but also seek to know more about what you want to get. A word is enough for the wise.

I am Doctor Michael Iyare the traditional chief priest at Dr Michael Spiritual Home A.k.a Centre Of Solutions.
Your health, Wealth and power is my concern.
Seeing is believing because action speaks louder then voice.
For more information and direction... Call/WhatsApp: +2348122383552, 09069506432.

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